Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mastering the Art of a Splendid Spanking

After my spanking on Friday night, I felt like I should do something for my wife to show my appreciation. Now, I’m not much of a movie buff, but my wife loves movies, so I offered to take her to a movie. She chose Julie & Julia, a movie with vignettes of Julia Child’s life interwoven with the life of a woman who tries to cook all of the recipes in “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” and blogs about it. It was a cute movie if not a great one.

On our way home I said, “I should write a blog.”

“Not on spanking,” was C's immediate reply. I’ll have to come clean to her one day.

I then began to think someone should write a recipe book for spankings. Then someone could “bedroom test” all the recipes and blog about it. What would one title such a book? How about “Mastering the Art of a Splendid Spanking,” or, of course, “The Joy of Spanking” comes to mind. There would be sections:

Appetizers: Erotic Spankings

Soups and Salads: Stress Relief Spankings

Main Courses: Punishment Spankings

Deserts: Play Spankings

The book would of course include discussions of the ingredients of a good spanking: the spankee, the spanker, positions, spanker/spankee dialogue. Then there could be pictures, diagrams and discussion of spanking equipment: wooden spoons, spatulas, brushes, crops, canes, whips, benches and so on. And, no book would be complete without a discourse on spices and garnishes: special clothing (punishment panties), restraints, toys, insertables (ginger fig, anyone?), and pervertables.

How about the recipes?

How to Bake a Beautiful Bottom

Place spankee in corner wrapped only in punishment panties, and allow to come to room temperature.

Arrange spankee over lap and add:

1 tablespoon of love (I love you and I’m doing this for your own good).

1 teaspoon of chastisement (You are a very naughty boy, and you will receive a very hard spanking.)

A pinch of humiliation (What pretty punishment panties, but they will have to come down. Naughty boys must be spanked on their bare bottoms).

Whip for thirty strokes with a spatula.

Allow bottom to rest for one minute and observe development of a rosy pink color.

Whip with a wooden spoon another ten strokes.

Return Spankee to the corner and add ½ teaspoon of humiliation (panties down).

After fifteen minutes, rub bottom with lotion.

Place Spankee in bed and cuddle until libido rises to the appropriate level.

Serve with a cheeky red Bordeaux, or rose.

A book containing 365 recipes would be about the right length, I think. One could then blog about a spanking a day. Wouldn’t that be delicious!


Widgets said...

Before you get too deeply involved you should come clean with C as you will avoid a lot of trouble and grief later on. We always read these blogs together and run any responses by each other. Earlier aj mentioned how he got me involved and yes we love spanking. If SHE is open minded you are in luck. This may lead to the spanking you crave so much and a greater relationship.
Rachel & aj.

Throck said...

Thanks Rachel & aj,

I know you are giving good advice, but I'm a bit nervous. It is probably clear from my posts, that even though we have been married over 30 years, I never know quite what to expect from C on this issue. I wish I could figure out some way to ease into this. However, the die is cast! I started the blog and at some point I will have to accept the consequences with respect to what C thinks. I just hope the consequence is not an abrupt end to spanking. I started the blog to try to better understand my need for spanking and also to get feedback on how to make it more meaningful and enjoyable for C. She is generally fairly open minded but this is really uncharted territory. She made her thoughts pretty clear when I tried to ease into it last Saturday. The problem is that this blog is not fantasy, and she may not appreciate her private life being spread accross the web.

Perhaps I should just tell her and she would never read the blog. But that is risky.

If you have any tips on this, I would appreciate your comments.