Friday, August 28, 2009

The Concept of Spanking

Virtually everyone in the adult spanking community agrees that spanking is not a good idea for children. Now, anecdotal evidence suggests that the spanking community has an age distribution that is heavily weighted to the over forty side, maybe even over fifty. These people grew up when spanking children was not unusual, although many claim they were never spanked.
I recall that during my time in junior high school and high school, in the fifties and sixties, every gym coach had a paddle, and would certainly not hesitate to use it on bad boys. I witnessed many a “bad boy” paddling in my teen years (I assume that there may have been “bad girls” too, but I never witnessed one getting spanked).
Indeed, I taught in a middle school myself in the late sixties, and although I never used it, there was a paddle hanging by the door of every classroom, and it served as a warning to any child who might step out of line. Yes, this was in the late sixties! Looking back on that time, I find it hard to believe that any parent would abdicate that much authority to a teacher, and particularly a teacher of eleven to fourteen year old children.
The protocol at the time was that, whenever a child was spanked, there had to be another adult witness, presumably to insure that there was no abuse (Can you believe it? It’s true!). The teacher in the room next door to me was quite the spanker, and I was called into the hall on many occasions to witness a spanking. I don’t recall that I witnessed any girls being spanked (the teacher next door was male, and I can’t recall if there were rules about spanking female students), but I saw many a boy’s bottom blistered. The paddles that were used were wicked things as well. They were heavy and had holes drilled in them. It still amazes me that these paddles were actually issued by the school. I don’t know who made the paddles, probably the shop teacher or perhaps even the children themselves as a “project.” It surprises me that I didn’t find the whole activity perverse at the time.
Now, the point is that almost everyone over forty probably has had some experience with spanking. If they did not experience the physical act personally, it is very likely they observed it. The question is does that experience have any bearing on the fact that there are so many spankaphiles over the age of forty? Or is the fact that we seem to be an older crowd, only a consequence of the fact that we have the confidence to “come out” to our partner.
Assume for the moment that all spanking of children ceased. Would we, in that case, have any knowledge of spanking? Would spankaphiles still exist? Is the concept of spanking something that is woven into the mental cloth of the human animal? If we had never experienced or witnessed a spanking as a child, would we still have the desire to be slapped on the bottom by our lover? Is pain associated with loving something all humans need, and if so would that imply all people are spankaphiles on some level?
I sure would like some answers to these questions.
Artist: Sardax, from the T.A.K.S.A. Yahoo Group