Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday Spanking

I think I may be seeing the benefit of blogging. It led to a spanking Friday night.

I have not revealed the blog to my wife yet. But I did send her a copy of my latest post on submission rituals. She was working at home on Friday instead in one of her satellite offices, and I decided to email her a copy of the post. I attached the file to the email, screwed up my courage, and punched send. I went back to work fully expecting to get a phone call asking, "What in world were you thinking, sending me something like that?" I didn't get one. Maybe she hadn't read it.

We were meeting for lunch at noon. When I got to the restaurant, the first thing she said was, "I got your email this morning."

"Did you read it?" I said with a little trepidation.

"Yes!" she said with a smile. "It was good. Why and when did you write it?"

"Oh, I wrote it earlier this week. I was going to post it as a comment on one of the blogs I read, but it got a little long," I lied.

"So, you were surfing the 'naughty sites' at work?"

"I guess so," I said, a bit embarrassed. "Things have been slow at work this week."

"Hmmm," was her only reply. She turned to her menu and didn't mention the subject again.

The fact that C hadn't upbraided me for the post, and also mentioned that she had thought it was good was encouraging to me. Perhaps she would begin to understand the need I have to perform these submission rituals.

That evening we were in the den watching TV. She was sitting in her leather recliner. She looked at me and said, "You know, you are going to have to be punished for surfing the 'naughty sites' at work."

"Yes," I said, hanging my head. My heart started racing.

"Go to my bedroom and put on your turquoise punishment panties and come back out here and give me a foot rub."

Wow! I didn't even know she knew I had turquoise "punishment panties."

I returned to the den dressed as she had ordered, and knelt on the floor in front of her and began to give her a foot rub. Now, as it turns out, my wife likes to have her toes kissed. More to the point, she likes to have her toes sucked on (she will kill me if she ever reads this).

I discovered this accidentally, and quite recently. My wife and daughter had been traveling and during the trip had treated themselves to a pedicure. I was giving her a foot rub shortly after her return when I commented how nice her toes looked and gave them a small kiss. She simply smiled at me and sighed. I decided to be a little bolder and give her big toe a French kiss. So I took the whole toe in my mouth. I expected to hear, "What in the world are you doing? Stop that right now!"

All I heard was "hmmmm!"

I became bolder and began to kiss, suck and lick all of her toes, first on one foot and then the other. Her sighs made it clear that she was enjoying the attention.

"You like this, don't you?"

"Oh yes!" she sighed.

Now, I found it extraordinary that C loved the attention I was paying to her toes. She is very ambivalent to oral/genital sex. Maybe I’m no good at it; maybe it has something to do with hygiene. I don’t know. But she loved having her toes attended to. And I loved doing it.

What a wonderful submission ritual. There I was, under sentence of a spanking, kneeling at C’s feet in my punishment panties, paying homage to her toes.

After fifteen or twenty minutes of foot rub and toe worship she finally said, “It’s time for bed. Go to my room and wait in the corner until I call you.”

I did as I was told. C got ready for bed, came into the bedroom and said, “It’s time. Bring me the strap.”

“You’re not going to put me over your lap for the bath brush?” I hinted. I really wanted to be across her lap even though I know it is bad form to “top from the bottom.”

“You will be across my lap, but I’m going to use the strap on you. Be quick about it now and let’s get this over with.”

I brought her the strap (It was only the third time she had used it on me). She sat on the ottoman and said, “Over my knee now.” I draped myself across her lap.

“What pretty blue panties,” she teased. “But, they will have to come down. Boys who surf ‘naughty sites’ have to have bare bottom spankings.” With those words she lowered my panties and began to spank me with the strap.

I don’t know how many strokes she gave me, but the pain was becoming intense. I was crying out with each stroke and desperately holding on to the legs of the ottoman and desperately trying not to squirm and kick too much. She paused for a moment to say something to me. I didn’t catch what she said, but I thought the spanking might be over. Wrong! She began again, and I started to wonder if I would break. After about ten more strokes, I got relief.

“It’s over. Get up and come to bed. You can wear your punishment panties the rest of the night.”

I got into bed and cuddled up close to C, and that is when I experienced my bonding rush. It is an incredible feeling of closeness to, warmth for, and dependence on C. That is why I crave her spankings. I am not sure why I have this experience but it is very real and wonderful!

I’m very excited that C played this so well. This is only my eighth spanking in about two and a half years since I came out to C as a spankaphile. However, I have had three of those eight spankings in the last month and a half, and they get better every time. I am hopeful that this relationship is moving forward, and that C is getting something out of it as well.

Artist: Puyal


Widgets said...

Many women do not have any comprehension of our needs and this is the begining way of getting them to realize this. I have had to do it and now enjoy this style of life. aj Widget

Throck said...

Thanks for the comment. I quite agree. I think blogging helps organize thoughts, and, in my case, it is easier for me to write to my wife than talk to her because she is a little hesitant to discuss some of these topics. I'm glad it worked so well for you. It gives me hope. - Throck

Widgets said...

Thank you for the note. There are times and events where you may want to have her be part of doing this and becoming in charge. This was done by me when i asked Rachel if she wanted a "new experience."

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