Friday, September 17, 2010

New Toy

Recently, I was in Houston, Texas for business. While there, I decided to buy C a new vibrator. There is an application called Yelp on my Iphone that I use mainly to find restaurants, but can also be used to find other commercial establishments. I checked “shopping,” “adult,” and a number of stores popped up. I picked the one that had the best reviews. The review that caught my eye said that “the staff was nice, and no question was too silly, or too perverted.” I was apprehensive about going to a sex shop but all the reviews claimed this particular one was a “classy” store with helpful people, and had existed in Houston for a very long time. I picked out a nearby restaurant and went out to dinner to get my nerve up before investigating the sex shop.

The particular area of Houston is interesting, with some nice restaurants, but is still a little sketchy. After dinner, I drove about two blocks to the store, a very sketchy area on east Westheimer near Montrose. I went into the store and it was large and well lit. I was the only customer, thank goodness. There were two sales clerks, a young man and a young woman, both very Gothic looking.

I wanted a Lelo Iris vibrator for C, and the Yelp reviews indicated the store might sell them. I walked to the checkout counter were the attractive Goth young woman was standing and noticed some Lelo vibrators in the display case. They were not what I wanted.

“Are these all the Lelo vibrators you have?” I asked the Goth girl.

“No, we have more back in the corner,” she said.

I walked back with her, and there it was, the Lelo Iris, a very pretty vibrator indeed. It was no more expensive than ordering on-line, so I bought it.

It was then I noticed a pale full of crops and canes. I picked up a crop and looked at the price, and was surprised how inexpensive it was.

“My wife spanks me,” I said,”and I need a new spanking implement.” I can’t believe I said that to her.

She didn’t bat an eye. “These are very good crops, even though they are cheap. I’m sure your wife would find it very effective.”

As we walked back to the cash register to check out, I muttered to myself, “I’m too old to be kinky.”

“You’re never too old to be kinky,” the Goth girl said. “Kink is what it’s all about.”

I hope she’s right.

When I got home, I showed the new toys to C.

“Thank you for the vibrator,” C said. Brandishing the crop, she said, “I will try to use this on you soon.”

I’m a little apprehensive about the crop. It looks pretty wicked. I don’t know how much of it I could take, and I don’t think C has a clue as to how to use it.

In any case, I don’t think it is an immediate problem, because two of our children have moved back in with us and spanking has become non-existent. It makes writing for this blog a little difficult.


Anonymous said...

I happen to know the area you mention. I used to live there in the mid 80's. :) It is challenging when we wish to "play" but the kids are not away. Good luck finding that magic moment of freedom. I am sure your wife will put the crop to good use!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it will be too hard for C to figure out how to use the crop - she need not be an experienced equestrienne to do that, lol. Just tell her to thrash away happily and unrestictedly on your naughty bare bottom!

It would be a good idea, however, to wait until the kids are out and to close the windows befor she uses it: these crops can be as noisy as a pistol shot (at least the one my wife uses on me is).

Good luck!

Throck said...

Thanks for the comments gentlemen. As serving B said, I'm sure C will put the crop to good use (she mentioned this weekend if we can get rid of the children). However, reading George's comment fills me with a little trepidation. On another level, though, I really want this.


Danielle said...

I can assure you that a crop is quite a silent tool when used. Yet, that doesn't mean you will be able to be silent too.

Throck said...

Hi Danielle,
Glad to hear from you again. C tried it out on me this weekend, but she was a bit tentative, so I didn't get to appreciate the full effect. I'm sure with practice C will learn to wield it very effectively.


Anonymous said...

I do not want to contradict Danielle in whether a crop is a silent tool or not - maybe we are both right: it depends if the crop has a leather slapper affixed to the tip (in which case it tends to be noisy if used with some determination) or just a braided cord as some have. These can be quite silent. My wife used one of the first category on me two days ago and - believe me: it was a very noisy affair! She gave me 40 good whacks just as a "warm-up" before giving me a lot more with various other implements. Anyway, Throck probably has had a chance to find out in the meantime. Let's hear his report!


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