Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My two children, who moved in with me recently, were visiting friends this past weekend. Thus, there was an opportunity to try out the crop I purchased recently in Houston.

I asked C to use it on me. When she actually held it, she was a little apprehensive about using it. I was too. I knew it would hurt like sin. I demonstrated its use on a pillow at the foot of the bed.

C said “I can’t hit you that hard.”

“Well, you have to, to give an effective cropping,” I said. “Try a few strokes on the pillow.”

C took a few tentative strokes at the pillow.

I pulled the ottoman up to the foot of the bed, and knelt on it with my upper torso supported by the bed. I was very nervous about this crop.

C lowered my punishment panties that I’m always required to wear for a spanking, and laid the crop against my bottom, apparently trying to get a feel for where to make the first cut. I had found some instructions online on “how to cane,” and she had read them, but seemed horrified.

I was very nervous as she lifted the crop.

Wap! The first stroke fell, and I hardly felt it.

“That didn’t hurt,” I said. “Do it harder.”

The next few strokes were harder, but not really painful. In a strange way, they almost felt good, sort of a tickle-itchy feeling.

C gave me about ten strokes.

“OK, that’s it,” she said.

“Don’t stop!” I pleaded.

“Your bottom is all red,” C said. “Go look in the mirror.”

I did. My bottom was slightly pink. None of the welts and stripes I had expected.

I have learned that, just as you never criticize your wife’s lovemaking technique, (although her lovemaking technique doesn’t need criticism) one never criticizes her spanking technique either, and I didn’t. You take what you can get, and be thankful that you get it, especially when you have a very vanilla wife.

It is interesting, though. C uses the hairbrush and bath brush with abandon, often pushing me to my limit. The crop, however, seems to scare her a bit. Anyway, we will continue to practice, I hope, and I think I will try to get a cane to use as well. A cane may not look as intimidating to her as a black braided leather crop.


Danielle said...

She may start to like it in a while. One always has to get accustomed to a new tool. Don't push your luck too much Throck; you might regret that later on.

Anonymous said...

Nice post! I agree that you shouldn't push things. It usually takes someone time to get used to each implement. Plus, you have to consider that you are with someone who loves you and the idea of hurting you may be very difficult for her to deal with and adjust to. My partner took awhile to get used to using various implements and I am glad that I never criticized her and just let her develop her comfort level and confidence in her own time. It paid off. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

N. seldom uses the riding crop I gave her for her birthday five years ago -and I must say I am glad she refrains, as it can almost literally peel the skin off my backside! She does, however, use the rattan cane that belonged to her grandfather -and its effects are almost as dreadful! Both are seldom used (fortunately) but her favorite "tools" -the kitchen spoon, a sturdy paddle, a maple switch or, above all, her martinet are more than enough to remind me -twice a week, on average- that she is the one who wears the pants in our house!

Michael said...

I think that you will both find the crop to be a more satisfying instrument if your partner uses it so that the leather tab makes contact with your bottom rather than the length of braided nylon. Swinging the crop against your bottom like a cane is just not effective.My wife uses it in a swishing manner and with rapid movements. She directs the tab across all of my bottom and between my legs, slapping the tab briskly against my testicles and making me dance. She enjoys flexing the crop in a menacing fashion whilst standing over me whilst I am naked and on my back on the floor. She slowly draws the end of the crop against my skin and then uses the tab to strike my penis.I am under no illusions as to who is in control. The sensations of suspense, pain and submission are exquisite as she trails the whip across my thighs.
For a proper spanking punishment which is painful and leaves marks the paddle,strap and cane are her favourites.
I hope you enjoy all your toys and that C continues to experiment to give you what you need.

Throck said...

Thanks for your comments folks.

Danielle: Yes Danielle, I'm sure I will live to regret buying the crop in the not too distant future.

ServingB: Yes, C does love me, although she thinks I'm a little weird. It doesn't cause to hold back with the Vermont Country Store bath brush, however. As you say I'm sure in time she will get used to the crop.

Anonymous: We don't have a cane yet, so perhaps I should give one to C for her birthday that is coming up in about a month. Do you think that would be smart? Probably not.

Michael: I think you are right about the technique for the crop being different from the cane, but I don't know about that between the legs stuff. Ouch! I don't think I'm ready.

Underling said...

I guess I can see why a vanilla lady would find a crop intimidating. Hairbrushes and bath brushes are everyday household objects, but a crop is most definitely a whip and its whole purpose is to deliver a sting!

Good luck in any case, and nice post. I've only just started reading your blog, but I like it. :)

Throck said...

Thanks for your comments Underling. I also enjoy your blog, especially your art work.


paddlehater said...

I sure you will learn to fear the crop,i know i do! Check out my blog and let me know what u think. www.spankedhusband123.blogspot.com

Throck said...

Wow Paddlehater,
I thought I had a thorough spanking this past Sunday, but D sounds like someone not to cross. I have added your blog to my blog list. Thanks for your comment.