Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to Blogging

Well, I have had a little bout with cancer, and it has distracted me from blogging (for about eight months). Furthermore, C was not really into spanking me, since she thought my life might be in danger. Fortunately, surgery seems to have solved the problem, at least for now. So I have encouraged C to give me what I need, and she has complied. I got spanked twice this weekend. I did have to ask for it. I sent her a text message, “I’ve been naughty!” and she replied “You will have to be punished!” That gave me quite a thrill.

On Saturday morning she gave me a good spanking. While cuddling me afterward, she said, “I just don’t get it, but if it’s what you want then I’m glad to do it.” So I had my bonding rush and thought that I had had a pretty good start to the weekend.

Sunday morning came, and C was reading the paper in bed, and I was serving her coffee. She had not put the bath brush up from the day before, and it was lying on the bedside table.

“I think you need another spanking,” said C. “Come get over my lap right now.”

I was surprised but I complied. C picked up the bath brush and began to paddle me, reciting a little poem as she did:

“One two, buckle my shoe.”

“Three four, shut the door,” and so on, smacking me with the brush on each beat of the poem.

“Nine, ten, let’s do it again.” And, she did!

Wow! I think she was having a little fun at least.

I loved it. My goal is to get our spanking relationship back on track. Unfortunately, the recession is sending two of our children back home to live with us for awhile. That might be an impediment to spanking but I’ll try not to let it be an impediment to blogging.



Glad to hear that the big C seems to have been thwarted and that you are back to getting spanked.


Anonymous said...

I too had colon cancer and have been cancer free for three years now my wife was a reluctant spanker before the big C and it has gotton worse you are lucky and I am forced to see pro discplinairianns

Anonymous said...


I discovered your blog only today and have yet to read it from the beginning, but I am already fascinated. My wife and I have been in a spanking relationship (strictly F/M) for more than twenty years now. She too had first to be convinced of the advantages of - more or less regularily - chastising her husband. Our children left home a couple of years ago in their mid-twenties. Before that we too had to arrange ourselves to keep our secret. If your children are "driven home" by the recession (which politicians keep telling us is over), they can't be that young and will probably go out frequently. Don't discourage them, lol. Also there are spanking implements more quiet than a brush, a belt or a paddle. Look for a "Loopy Johnny" for instance (Google will help you).


widgets said...

Dear Spanked:
As a wife going through the big C with aj; as soon as he recovered we went back to love and spanking. This not only increases our feelings for each other but our enjoyment.

Throck said...

Thanks for the comments and well wishes everyone. I guarantee that spanking, even though it hurts, is much more fun than cancer. By the way, George, I've seen that Loopy Johny thing. It may be quiet but it looks deadly. May try it though.


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