Monday, July 20, 2009


I have started this blog, SpankableHusband, because that is what I am; I am husband that is spankable but rarely spanked by his very vanilla wife. My goal is to try to understand, at some level, why I want this, and to develop my very loving wife into a very loving spanko wife, perhaps, with help from the community. I hope this blog will provide a vehicle to interact with the spanking community, a community in which I have lurked for many years now. I will use this blog to record some of my thoughts on the “spanking syndrome,” perhaps record some of my fantasies and spanking activities, and to communicate with others who have an interest in this activity. I am not a prolific communicator so I may not post frequently but I will post.

My last spanking was last Friday, July 17, and I had to ask for it. It was a bedtime spanking with a leather strap that I had ordered online about a year ago. I knelt on an ottoman at the end of the bed. My wife lowered my underwear and gave me about ten strokes with the strap. It hurt, but I craved more. My wife, however, is very concerned about hurting me and tends to stop as soon as my bottom turns a little red. So there’s the rub, how to get my wife to initiate a spanking, how to get the spanking I crave, and most importantly how to be sure that she gets something out of it as well.

I enjoyed the Friday spanking so much that it pushed me out of the lurkers’ world into the blogging world. My ultimate goal is to expand the horizons of my wife and myself to take optimum advantage of this wonderful kink.


Heather said...

I feel like I'm reading a blog about my husband and I. He is just like you: he really wants me to spank him. What is your reason for wanting the spankings? My husband gets stressed and then takes it out on me, and so he wants me to punish him every time he hurts my feelings. I'm exactly like your wife: very vanilla and afraid to hurt him...not to mention, I have trouble initiating the spanking, even if he tells me that he needs one.

Throck said...

Hello Heather,

First my apologies for not responding to your comment sooner. It was posted under the Introduction to my blog and I missed it. In any case, I don't know how many posts you may have read in this blog, but I would direct you to two, the ones titled A Submission Ritual, and The Bonding Rush. There is a sexual aspect to this, although my preference is not to mix sex with a spanking. At least that is what I think now, not having had too many spankings. I am getting ready to publish a post on that now.

I actually am not entirely clear as to why I want spankings so much, and your husband may not be too clear about why he wants you to spank him either. My sexual fantasies have revolved around spanking for some time. The urge got so strong that I finally came out to my wife about my desires. My wife, who I call C in the blog, is not terribly interested in spanking me, but she loves me , we have been married a long time, and she in good faith tries to satisfy my needs if she can.

Anyway, I hope that answers some of your questions. If I were you I would spank him; you really can't hurt him with a spanking, although he will and should experience some pain during the spanking. Afterward give him lots of hugs. And of course as in all good relationships, communication is essential. Talk to him about what he needs, and what you can give, and vice versa. I know that's hard. It's hard for me, and hard for C to talk about these strange desires, but we try.

Finally, I visited your blog and having read some of it, I find it very interesting that you made your way here, although I am very gratified that you did. C and I are in many ways like you and your husband albeit somewhat older. We live in the country have a menagerie (although slightly smaller). I think it shows how pervasive these spanking desires are among what otherwise appear to be very vanilla couples.

Thanks again for your comment.