Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Punishment Panties

So, what is it that I have about this panty thing, anyway? I don’t consider myself a cross dresser, but panties play into my fantasies concerning spanking. I set up our spanking ritual (because C would not have had a clue, being vanilla in the extreme), and I included “punishment panties” in the ritual from the beginning. C couldn’t quite get her head around this. My wearing panties concerned her.

“Not my panties,” she said. “That wierds me out.”

Of course, that is exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted C to “make” me wear a pair of her panties when she spanked me. However, not wanting to push too hard, I ordered several pairs of punishment panties online from a site that sold “panties for men.” I sold it to C, sort of, by explaining that even though the underwear looked feminine, they were really cut for men (which so the site claimed), but we would call them “punishment panties” in any case. C just rolled her eyes. I also made the rule that I could only wear the panties when instructed to do so by C.

Now, I don’t know where this desire to wear panties during discipline comes from (although I will make some guesses later), but I know it is not an uncommon desire of men in the F/M spanking world. For example, Ken of “Spanked by My Lady” indicated that though he was not one to just wear panties, he did get an erotic rush when his wife made him wear them. Spanked Hubby of the popular blog of the same name (now defunct) also admitted to wearing panties for some of his spankings. Then, of course there are Yahoo groups such as “Men Spanked in Panties”, and on and on. It is comforting to know that I am not a complete whack job, or if I am there are others out there like me.

Well, why panties?

I was searching Google about panty fetishes, and, sure enough, Wikipedia had something to say about it. Their article claimed that men with a panty fetish saw panties as possessing a certain sexual power. The article was not well documented, and flagged as needing improvement. Nevertheless, I see some truth in what was postulated.

The female vagina and genitals are objects that hold a deep seated desire for the heterosexual male. I daresay that the power, such as it is that women hold over men, would not exist at all if they didn’t possess that organ that is the focus of so much male attention. It is truly amazing that women haven’t taken more advantage of that power, as for example Lysistrata did, over the centuries. In any case, the delicate panties that encase the female genitals are also a fascination to men. I can remember as a very young child looking at the women’s underwear section of the Sears and Roebuck catalogue, and instinctively understanding that there was something behind that fabric that I wanted.

Panties are the gossamer barrier to that which men most desire. They must be removed, with permission from the wearer, to achieve that enlightened state of intimate contact and ultimately the orgasm that we crave. They are the castle that protects the prize, and consequently represent power.

When, by command, panties are put in contact with the male genitals they become a symbol of the power his lover has over him. Ultimately, the woman to whom the panties belong deliciously lowers them before your punishment. The statement is: this is my castle; I have imprisoned you in its most intimate walls, but I can enter at any time. To be made to wear panties by your lover is a grand symbol of the power and dominance of the female over the male.

I don’t particularly feel humiliation when I’m told to put on punishment panties before a spanking. In fact, I rather like the way they feel, and I enjoy mental experience of the symbolism that I described above. If I were made to wear them all day, for example to work, I would feel the potential for humiliation, for example if someone discovered I was wearing them, but that potential is a bit exciting too. Consequently, I have on occasion, worn panties to work without C’s knowledge. A few weeks ago she caught me wearing them as I was getting undressed for bed. I was obliged to write in my punishment book that I had worn punishment panties without permission. That was one of the six or seven items that my maintenance spanking was administered for last Sunday.

This morning I had the urge to wear my panties again. I was in the bedroom getting dressed and had gotten a pair out of the drawer. They were white satin briefs with a little lace. C, unexpectedly, walked into the bedroom from the bathroom just as I was about to put them on. I decided on the spot that I should ask her permission, so I did. I held up the panties and said “C, may I wear these punishment panties to work today?”

“No! Absolutely not,” was her reply.

I was a little surprised that she didn’t just role her eyes and say “Sure, why not.” I put the panties back in the drawer and put on a pair of jockeys.

Later at breakfast she asked me, “Did you sneak back into the bedroom and put on your punishment panties while I was taking my bath?”

“No,” I said.

She didn’t check but just said “Good.”

Latter I wondered if by denying me she was trying to set me up for a spanking. That would have been, and maybe was, a missed opportunity.

Photo From: Spanked Men in Panties


spankedbywife said...

What a wonderful post and some very enlightening information. I never thought about the power of my Ladie's Panties, but it is so true.

I loved your story about your Lady denying your request to wear panties. It was an obvious exercise of her power. I am guessing you both had a bit of a 'rush' as a result.

I have been comtemplating writing more about my own fascination with panties (and it goes much deeper than men in FLR's as I have seen lots of correspondance about this in non-FLR related groups). You have given me some ideas that will probably result in something quite soon.


Susan said...

John and Ken,

Given Barry's fascination with wearing panties (and the fact that I enjoy seeing him in them), I look forward to hearing more from each of you on this subject. I also very much appreciated this blog post from John.


Rachel said...

I enjoy seeing my husband in panties all of the time as it makes him look more sexy and his toys more challenging from rear to front. I one day removed all his underwear and replaced it and love giving him what to wear all of the time. I find that it makes him sexier and a longer and better lover. This is definitely the way I enjoy him the most.

Throck said...

Thanks for your gracious comments. I read your blog regularly, and I look forward to your thoughts on this topic.

Thanks for your comment. Yours is one of the rare blogs that gives a view of an FLR-DD relationship from the woman's perspective. I particularly enjoyed your recent post on shaving your husband. I would love for C do do that to me. Perhaps you could also give some more of your and/or Barry's thoughts on panties.

Regards to both of you.

Throck said...

Hi Rachel,
I wish C would catch on to that.
Thanks for your comment.


Ron said...

Wonderful post and yes loved the Sears book, always always waited for it to be delivered.

I agree with your thoughts a panty is our ladies most intimate garment and one we all treasure.

Thanks for sharing

Throck said...

Thanks for your comment. Panties are indeed a wonderful invention.


Anonymous said...

I have been fascinated by women's underwear as long as I can remember. Indeed, I acquired some While in my mid-teens some decades ago.

While my wife's panties are off limits, she has given me a nice collection of thongs. I love it when she selects one for me to put on after showering in the morning -it means that a thorough spanking is on the way.

Throck said...

Hi Red,
As I stated in the post C's panties are off limits to me as well. For the optimal power exchange effect I would really prefer to wear hers. I have partially solved this problem by buying my own online, and then having C wear them on occasion. In this way, in my mind at least, she takes ownership of them, even if she has only worn them for a few minutes.

Thanks for your comment.


Anonymous said...

I like your punishment panties. My wife makes me wear panties all the time. I have no male under ware so when I go to the doctors I have panties on. I have grown to not mind wearing panties and it no longer bothers me to have the doctor see me in lacy panties. I don't need panties for punishment spankings because my wife make me get completely naked for my spankings. The only time being naked for a spanking bothers me is when I have to get naked in front of her mother or sister before I am spanked.


Throck said...

Hi Dan,
Thanks for your comment. Your wife really in control. Does the doctor ever comment on your panties, and do your mother in law or sister in law see you in them before you get naked for your spankings, and do they comment?


Just LOVE and need OTK spankings said...

yes I am also not a cross dresser...yet do enjoy being spanked over my Lady's knee in panties and bobby socks...and a long tanktop...

I am sort of femme and submissive and loving...and always have accepted that I am best in a relationship that would include my Lady spanking me for erotic delights and for enotional balance we best can always...


Anonymous said...

I also do some frequent - often daily - spanking of my guy for various offenses. We tape them and offer them up on clips4sale. Not so much for the money, because the reaility is they're so cheap and such a surprisingly small market, that they only cover enough for new toys and dinner out once in awhile. But my guy believes that there is SO little F/m spanking clips out in the world - of a more "maternal" and very real nature, that he truly wants to share his "good fortune" - but not at the expense of SOME built in privacy. If we just posted them out everywhere for all the world to see for free, they could end up in the wrong hands and get posted on YouTube, or something, and he is ultra paranoid about being "outed". People tend not to give stuff away they paid for, even if its just 4 or 5 dollars.

Anyway, I think the readers HERE would love to see our clips. Even just to know this can be more than fantasy. Costs you nothing to look. ;)


Anonymous said...

My wife makes m e wear panties all the time. At home I must wear whatever pantiesxshecselects. None are punishment p ant8 es as she spanks me at any time. It has become embarrassing because we were caught unexpectedly by her cousin while I was doing corner time with my panties on my thighs. My wife explained I had been spanked which my red rear verified. I was made to lay over a hassock so she could show her cousin how I am spanked. Now her cousin is here often for my spankings and my wife allows her to spank me and to finger me. Being nude in front of two women is embarrassing but squirming when her cousin fingers me is humiliating

Anonymous said...

My wife and I go to the same intern8st. On one visit she said that my wife told her she keeps me in panties and had asked if I could wear them to the doctors office. She told her I could. I have never been as embarrassed as when the doctor told me to strip to my underwear and I hade on green flowery panties. I was left in just panties while the doctor took my vitals. Then she gave me a gown and told me to remove my panties for the exam. Everything was very proper but I was humiliated standing in panties before the doctor and her assistant. By now I am kind of getting used to it

Anonymous said...

Dan said. Yes my wife's mother and sister have seen me in panties before and during a spanking. In fact my wife let her mother take my panties down for my last spanking
The doctor said there was no need to be embarrassed because a number of her patients where panties. I was surprised but still embarrassed. Now my wife wants to shave me and threatens to give me an enema with her mother and sister watching if I don't let her shavevme

Anonymous said...

I also have made my husband wear panties for his doctor visit. We use the samr doctor and she allows my to come into the exam room. She is used to him in panties so last visit I surprised her. When he was told to remove his panties, the doctor and her assistant saw he was now completely shaved. His embarrassment turned me on. She put him in stirrups for the rectal and prostate exam. He hates when each one takes a leg and spreads them while they put him in stirrups. My panties get wet as I watch his hooked up and then have the doctors finger inserted into his rectum.

Anonymous said...

I also am allowed into the exam room when my husband gets a physical. I have not made him wear panties but after reading this I will I keep him completely shaved too. The doctor always puts him in stirrups for the rectal/prostate exam. I love watching him try to squirm when she puts her finger in him. Last year she had an intern with her bi agreed in advance but didn't tell Bill. I got so wet watching her instruct the intern on what to do while he was in stirrups

Anonymous said...

I keep my husband in panties every day. When he goes to the doctor he's in panties but I usually let him wear Hanes since they can pass as male underpants.
I am always in the room for his exam. A few weeks ago doctors office called to ask if two interns could be present. Kevin was not home so I agreed
There were two interns, a PA and the doctor present-all women. He didn't know it until he was in the paper gown. The doctor showed each intern what'd to do and watched as she did as instructed. One intern had difficulty inserting her finger into my husband's rectum. The doctor demonstrated and had her do it several times. He squirmed each time something went in. My panties were soaked watching this. He was extremely embarrassed and I loved it

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Anonymous said...

I make my husband wear panties every day. At home he wears panties and a t-shirt and I spank him whenever I feel like it. I tell him drop your panties and get across the desk. He spreads his legs and I paddle him until he's bright red.
Last week I was spanking him when the doorbell rang. I was expecting a delivery so I stopped spanking him to get the door. I forgot to close the den door. A neighbor came in and she saw him over the desk. She asked if she should leave. Why I said, you've seen it now. She had coffee while I went in and finished his spanking. When I came out she said hearing the spanking was a turn on. With that I told her to check out his very red cheeks. I think I'll let her join in for his next spanking.