Monday, November 15, 2010


I took C to Montreal this past weekend for her birthday. I was packing my small bag when C came into the room holding a pair of my punishment panties. “Do you want to take these?” she said. “I just washed them.”

“Do you want me to wear them?” I said. I had actually already packed a few pairs.

“Yes. Actually no. I don’t want to explain if we are in a car accident, but I think you should take them.”

“O.K.” I said, and threw them in the suitcase.

We had a wonderful time. We ate, drank and … We stayed at a nice hotel near the place pictured above. I had brought along some spanking implements, just in case, but since I am a rather noisy spankee C declined out of consideration for guests that may have been in adjacent rooms. She did, however, consecrate a few pairs of punishment panties for me (I’m such a pervert).

Montreal is a nice place. It’s like a foreign country within a foreign country, and it’s only a few hours away. If you go to Toronto or Calgary you don’t feel like you’ve really gone anywhere different (apologies to Calgary and Toronto residents. I do enjoy visiting those cities, however).

We had dinner Saturday night at the Bonaparte Restaurant, a French restaurant that is attached to the Auberge Bonaparte, a very nice small hotel in old Montreal. If you are in Montreal you should try it. The food is excellent, and I found the restaurant rather sexy.

Do you suppose Josephine spanked Napoleon?


Rachel said...

Glad you enjoyed Montreal and were decent to C. Not only do I think Josephine blistered Napoleon's caboose I think if she had done so at Waterloo he would not have thought himself such a big shot that he got sent to Elbe but she could have had all those royal british butts.

Anonymous said...


The thought of Josephine blistering N.'s caboose is an interesting one, quite honestly however, I do not think she did. One small correction though, if you don't mind: Napoleon fled from his forced exile in Elba on March 1, 1815 after having been there for about ten month. The battle of Waterloo did not take place until about 3 months later. After he'd lost that too, the Brits decided to lock him up in St. Helena from where an escape was impossible. He died there six years later.


Throck said...

Well Rachel and George, I will have to take C to Montreal again, and post afterward. I learned a little bit about history today. Or maybe I should go to Quebec City. Was that where Wolfe spanked Montcalm or was it the other way round? Anyway, I would love for C to spank me in Quebec City, perhaps in the Chateau Frontenac.

Thanks for your comments.