Monday, November 22, 2010


I have decided to change the avatar on my blog to the one pictured at left. This picture is by Barbara O'Toole. It is a bit clearer than the avatar I have previously used. The spanker looks like C, primarily because C has the same hair color and style and is about the same build. We also have a similar ottoman which has been used for the same purpose. Unfortunately, I am not as young as the young man receiving punishment, but I can certainly imagine how he feels.


Weave said...

I like the new avatar -- thanks for the description, it helps me picture ya!
Am enjoying reading back through your old posts. They gave me encouragement to get my first hairbrush spanking today -- THANK YOU!!! Ooh, loved the 'bee-sting' feel! I was so happy over Wife's lap!

Throck said...

Wow Weave,
Your first spanking. Congratulations!! Hope you get many more from a loving wife. It's love that makes them do it.


Danielle said...

Hi Throck,

I like your avator too, though I would prefer a real-life one like mine. There's not a lot of spanking around here at the moment due to my illness though I did spank J this morning: 6 strokes with the cloth brush because of slovenliness.

Throck said...

Thanks Danielle,
I like your avatar too. I often imagine that that is the view I would have of C as she leads me upstairs for a spanking, except C mostly wears pants and we don't have an upstairs. Hope you feel better soon.


Suzanne said...


Real life avatars aren't always better. Yours seems to accurately reflect your feelings and relates well to your situation, based upon what you've told us. Good for you!

Throck said...

Thanks Suzanne.


Anonymous said...

Wish that was my diapered butt getting spanked?

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