Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Maintenance Spanking

I got spanked yesterday. It was a maintenance spanking that had been delayed by the holidays and lack of privacy. However, one of our live-in children has found a job (hooray) and moved out, and the other was visiting friends for the weekend, so we had the house to ourselves.

I had a feeling C would spank me. She knew I needed or wanted one. Sunday morning however I wasn’t sure I wanted a spanking. I knew it would hurt. C hurts me a lot more than she used to.

As usual, I had gotten up early to walk the dogs, leaving C asleep in bed. When I returned, I walked back to the bedroom intending to take a shower. I got undressed and as I started into the bathroom I heard C say, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to take a shower.”

“Well, I have to spank you this morning, but you can take your shower first. But first bring me a cup of coffee and the newspaper.”

I was naked at this point, but I walked into the kitchen to get the coffee, realizing no one would see me because we live in such a remote place. I also realized that it was fairly cold in the house, so I turned up the heat a little. My thought was that C would undoubtedly make me do some corner time in my punishment panties, and I didn’t want to freeze. I returned to the bedroom with C’s coffee and newspaper.

“Thank you,” she said, “but, I do have to spank you, so go take your shower and come back out here and get your punishment panties on.”

I took my shower and came back into the room. “What panties do you want me to wear C?”

“The pink and black ones,” she said.

I knew she would say that. She loves those panties for some reason. I think she thinks I look silly in them, and I probably do because they are too small for me. C of course thinks this is all a silly game, and that is belied by the tone of her voice when she gives me a command or tells me she going to spank me.

“Well C,” I said, “I don’t know why you love those panties so much. They are really too small for me, but if that’s what you want I’ll wear them.” I opened her panty drawer; she lets me keep the punishment panties at the back of her drawer now.

“Which ones do you want to wear, Throck?”

I looked into the drawer at all her pretty satin panties in front. I really wanted to wear her panties. She had been traveling the week between Christmas and New Year to help our daughter get set up at her new job. During that time I had worn her panties on two separate days. I have lost a lot of weight recently and they fit pretty well. They felt good too. They are much nicer than the ones I have ordered on line. It makes me think I should buy my punishment panties in a regular store, but I’m not sure that I have the nerve.

In any case, I had written in my punishment book that I had worn panties without permission, but I did not mention that they were her panties, and I decided to not ask to wear hers for my spanking.

“I think I would like to wear the white ones. They fit me best,” I said.

“That’s O.K.,” said C. “You look very virginal in those.”

“Hmm,” I said.

I put on the panties and started to climb back in bed.

“What are you doing?” C said. “You have to do your corner time.”

“Could I please warm up a little, C? It’s cold in the house.”

“O.K., you can get back in bed for a few minutes, but you’re still going to the corner,” C said, trying to be stern, and not very effectively.

She was reading the Sunday paper, and I was afraid I might freeze in the corner for an hour.

After about twenty minutes C said, “I think you have warmed enough. I want you in that corner now to think about how naughty you’ve been, and the spanking you are going to get.”

I climbed out of bed to go to the corner when C said “Oh, and give me your punishment book, I want to read about the naughty things you’ve done.”

“C you don’t really want to read that,” I said. “You know maybe this isn’t a good idea this morning. Maybe we should postpone this spanking, and just make love.”

“No!” said C. “You’re getting a spanking, and I want to read your punishment book.”

I handed her the book. I was concerned because in addition to the more contrived indiscretions, wearing panties without permission, masturbating with out permission, etc, I had noted the incident with the wine that I mentioned in the last post. It was the first entry after my last spanking. I thought later that that was not a good idea, but it was written in ink and there was no way to remove it. I was afraid that C would be upset about that and put an end to “our game” as she called it.

I went to the corner and C started to read out the indiscretions. She ignored the first entry and did not read it aloud. She read the remaining entries and then scolded me about being naughty, and told me to think about the sound spanking I was going to get. Then she went back to reading her paper.

I must have stood in the corner for fifteen minutes or so. It seemed like a long time. I finally heard her get out of bed and move behind me. She put her arms around me and pinched my nipples.

“It’s time now Throck. I hate to do it, but you have been very naughty and I am going to have to spank you. I want you to go into the bathroom and get the blond brush with the long handle.” She was referring the Vermont Country Store bath brush. It’s a pretty painful implement.

When I returned to the bedroom she was sitting on the edge of the wingback chair, not the best spanking chair. However she had been packing away Christmas ornaments and decorations, and all of the more usual spanking furniture was covered with boxes of decorations that I was to put in the attic latter in the day. I did not think much of that chair, but there was not much I could do about it.

I handed C the bath brush and she said, “Take down your panties and get over my lap.”

Usually C takes down my panties, but I did as I was told. When I pulled the panties down to my knees I noticed that I had an erection. God knows why, that usually does not happen. When C noticed it she spread her legs apart a bit so it would fit between them. However, she made no comment. The position was very awkward. I had to support my upper body with my hands on the floor and my toes were on the floor behind. I was basically balancing on C’s lap. I was not sure I could keep the position. I had nothing to clutch with my hands when the pain began, like a leg of the ottoman or a sofa cushion. I was soon to loose my erection.

C began with a few light swats, but soon increased the intensity. C does not have much of a warm-up routine. The bath brush is very painful. I was soon crying out (after only four of five spanks), and kicking and squirming. I was afraid I was going to fall off her lap.

Finally C said, “Be quiet Throck and take your spanking. I don’t want to hear another word out of you!”

I tried to claw into the carpet and stay quiet, but after three more swats I was yelling again. However, that didn’t stop C. I began to wonder when she was going to stop, and if I was going to have to use my safe word. C probably didn’t give me that many swats, maybe between twenty and thirty; I don’t know. She also spanked the backs of my thighs as well as my bottom. She has never done that before. I feel like it was one of the most challenging spankings that I have gotten. Of course, as I have said before I am a bit of a wimp, but it seems as if the spankings are getting progressively worse. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I had a few pre-spank jitters about this spanking, and I was not sure I really wanted it. Now I know I didn’t want it. I sometimes wish there could be something like a synthetic spanking, with all the submission ritual and the bonding rush afterward, but no pain. I suppose that wouldn't work however. Without the pain a spanking is not a spanking and everything before and after would become moot.

Finally C said, “O.K., it’s over. Get up.”

I just slid to my knees on the floor with my head in her lap. She held me for a while and then we went back to bed and she held me some more. While she was holding me in bed I said, “That really hurt.”

“Spankings are supposed to hurt. You were naughty,” she said with a little more realism in her voice.

We made love then, and C had one of her rare orgasms. She is now is two orgasms out of the last three spankings she has given me. I don’t know if there is a relationship, but if there is I’m willing to take more spankings for her.

My next maintenance spanking is scheduled for January 29. But who knows, she may find a reason to spank me before that. I hope so, I think. I still get my bonding rush. I have not had the experience of feeling remnants of the spanking the next day. That has only happened once with one of my very first spankings. I have also never experienced sub-space. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the fortitude to make it there. I do love submitting to C though, even if it is painful.


Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like the reason your wife thinks this is something she does just to please you is because YOU seem to think it's something she does just to please you. The perspective this post is written from is entirely about what you want, what you get off on, not what your wife might enjoy, not how there might be advantages or pleasures for her in disciplining you.

If you want your wife to really get into spanking you, you need to start by asking yourself, and HER, what she wants.

spankedbywife said...

First, this is a fabulous post. Your description was so good that I felt like I was there.

Second, I respectfully disagree with Anon. As I read your blog, I see in you a couple who is fully engaged in a Loving FLR where both of you are seemingly fully engaged. Certainly, getting spanked by C is something that is a large desire in you (as it is with me from my Lady, Cora). Your description speaks of many benefits your Lady is receiving as the two of you proceed along the FLR journey.

Third, getting into subspace is something I find a very enjoyable aspect of getting spanked by my Lady. The first time it happened was the most difficult. It happened with my eX and was an especially intense scene. But once I achieved it, further entries into subspace become easier and easier. I got spanked today; a not so intense scene, yet the endorphines had been engaged.

Finally, If you haven't already done something similar, why not send C flowers thanking her for the spanking she gave you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.
Loved your panty-selection discussion... nothing like punishment panties!
You must have been in real anticipation as she read your Book.
C, in turn, must be hitting hard if you just made it a couple spanks before yelling.
Happy New Year, indeed! :)

StringBean said...

You had told her recently that you wanted -more- right? after the whole wine bottle incident? And then this time you didn't want to put on the punishment panties C asked you to put on.

The harder spanking, her being more stern with you when while over her lap, her comments afterward about spankings are supposed to hurt and you were naughty...

Maybe she is either getting into a little more or giving more of what you need and enjoying that.

Danielle said...

I agree with StringBean. Talking back in such a way cannot be tolerated.
My suggestion to C would be order you to buy some panties in a regular store.

BTW I need to take my job in spanking husband more serious. He just wrote a friend that he easily got away with a few misdeeds.. that naughty boy!

Anonymous said...

Throck: interesting to read. Many males have the same reaction, as do many females if they are spanked. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully you have been spanked again, and will write about it soon.
I do agree with anon that you should ask your wife how she can get more out of the spanking experience.
Personally, I* believe that if you make love that day or later, that you should pleasure her orally until she orgasms.
I totally agree with Danielle's comment. You should be sent to the store to buy panties for you. I did this while on vacation, and mumbled about a Valentine's day present.
Lastly: if Danielle's hubby is boasting about getting away with being naughty, the boasting should turn into a roasting of his bottom.

sandra said...

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Unknown said...

Sexy post, thanks for posting.

MomSpanks said...

Well, since we're sharing links... This is clips of me spanking my partner. We don't go so far as to say it's a female-led home, (I'm the female), but it's more like a loving, nurturing - but strict - home, if that makes sense. We have both signed an agreement - a modified version of the Spencer Spanking Plan - and when he messes up on the things he and I BOTH agreed on, he is spanked. He also gets corner time - sometimes without a spanking, but mostly with. I hope you enjoy our clips, though I have to say that these weren't taken for anything but our own enjoyment. They are much more "amateur" - but we both actually prefer that, anyway. There are free previews, by the way. Any proceeds will be for buying new toys and outfits to make more clips with. ;)

We are interested in talking with other COUPLES - no single men, please - about this lifestyle, as we are just starting out in it in a meaningful way. Or will be soon. We live apart now, and privacy is an issue, but that should be changing. Definitely want to know how couples handle the male ego in everyday life, while still administering real punishment spankings and corner time. My partner is not "wimpy" at all, and I wonder if all I read here and other sites is for real. I guess we'll find out!!



Anonymous said...

My own paddling experience with in marriage is not sexual as your was--nor does it involve ritual or certainly not femine clothing---that would not be me---but once in a while I get my bare ass paddled when things have just gone to far on my part----and her frustration level has just run over---I get it on my bare ass over her knee and it hurts----but than things are good again---It works for us

Ingrid R. said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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LITA said...

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W. Anders said...